Men / Boys Jammers: Delfina & Jkuss Jammers


Silky, comfortable and long lasting Jkuss jammers. Ask us about measuring the suits for perfect fitting. Some designs are discontinued by the manufacturer, so last chance to buy!


​Korean Nequin jammers in cute designs for boys and adults. Also a few pairs of chlorine resistant X- Blue, also Korean made. 


Delfina jammers are best male swim trunks you can buy. Chlorine resistant custom printed jammers can be bought to suit every taste and body shape. Delfina swim shorts are popular men's bathing suits. Our bright men's swim trunks, can be ordered with a plain graphic design or embellished flower swim jammers, ideal for beach, triathlon, swimming training suits, underwater hockey / octopush, underwater rugby, or just for leisure swimming.

You can buy now from Acquawear custom sportswear shop or you can create and design a colour scheme for a new male swimsuit design. You can also have them included in your customized team kit. See Clubs page for more information.

There are no limits to your designs! Choose any combinations of our anti-fading colours and apply them with your patterns and text to create the perfect design. Min quantities apply​.

Also see our range of Racing FINA approved swimwear & racing swimsuits for elite swimmers. Set your eyes on Gold while wearing our bonded Teflon coated suits!  Limited-edition sublimated prints on the Delfina performance and racing trunks / competition jammers makes them a truly unique looking, high-performance racing suit. Click for more information about our Delfina Racing Swimwear range or see designs and sizes availability below.